Free VPN from Windscribe

If you want an extra layer protection for your internet browsing or get access to the restricted website in your country you are going to need a good VPN service. Windscribe a Canadian based VPN provider is just offering you free VPN normally costs 90$ to get it. They are offering 10GB data transfer for the every free account. But if you use the discount code SOS60GBS you can get 60GB data transfer per month.

Windscribe have access to servers in eight countries. You can also choose upto 45 countries if you are willing to pay 12$ a month which also increase the speed according to the customers feedback.

Windscribe is not just a VPN it is a desktop application and a chrome extension which help you protect your online presence. It also help you block ads, protect you from unwanted websites and trackers.

The key features listed on Windscribe website:

  • Mask your Physical location from 3rd parties using encrypted tunnel.
  • Never see most ads again (chrome extension required).
  • Access Geo-blocked content .
  • Torrent securely and share files without worrying about your ISP snooping on you.
  • Use on all your devices simultaneously.
  • Best-in-industry firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss, which is superior to a “kill switch”
  • We take your privacy seriously: Emails are optional, and we have a strict zero logging policy.
  • Earn money sharing links with your friends.

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